Iran’s 2013 Election Data

This website contains the data on political participation of Iranians gathered by three waves of survey before, during and after the 2013 Iran’s election (June 2013).

The data encompasses three sub-datasets: W1 contains 1051 cases, W3 consists of 1049 cases, and the Panel Data consists of 200 respondents who participated in the online questionnaire in February, April and June 2013. You can find the details of the procedure of the data gathering in the Methodology section.
In the Data section you can make your own report from the datasets. About 200 variables categorized in 20 groups of variables are available in two subsections of W1 & W3 and Panel data. You can select any of the variables and see the results by graphs and tables.
In case you have any question or need more detailed information on the data you can contact the researchers of the project.


Social Movements between two Elections (2009-2013): Introduction to the context and background of the research

Panel Data

In the Panel Data section you can make any graphs presenting the variation of variables over three waves of survey.

W1 and W3

About 200 variables categorized in 20 groups of variables are available in the subsection of W1 and W3.


By participating in this questionnaire you can obtain a descriptive portrayal of your own political participation.


The online surveys about Iranian socio-political participation conducted in three waves before and after 2013 election.
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