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Social Change and Conflict (SCC)

This study is conducted by Social Change and Conflict (PARIS/SCC) -a leading research group in political participation- situated in the sociology department at VU University Amsterdam. The SCC is nationally and internationally renowned for its comparative research on participation in social movements and political protests on many European countries as well as countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Iran, and Brazil. The group is headed by Bert Klandermans and Jacquelien van Stekelenburg.



Ali Honari

Researcher, Sociology

Ali Honari holds an MSc in Sociology in the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS) at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. His MSc thesis concerns the role of risk in online activism, with a focus on Iran’s Green Movement. Ali is currently pursuing a PhD in the Faculty of Social Sciences at VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The topic of his research is: “The dynamics of off- and online movement participation under severe repression: The Iranian pro-democratic social movement between two elections (2009-2013)”. His PhD dissertation will look at the interrelationship between state repression and offline–online activism in Iran’s Green Movement, using the Iran's 2013 Election Data that he collected from three waves of online surveys, as well as semi-structired interviews and data extracted from the Iranian online sphere.

Ali’s research interests include social movements, protests, repression, the internet impacts, and the Iranian online social networks. He authored a book chapter entitled “From virtual to tangible social movements in Iran” for the civil society in Syria and Iran: Activism in authoritarian contexts, Lynne Rinner, 2013. He has recently won Peter Baehr Prize for his research as “a promising study, both in terms of theoretical perspective and in terms of the empirical material, which is unique”.

He has served on the editorial boards and is a frequent contributor to intellectual journals inside Iran on politics and society. He is a strategist and campaign organizer in Iran democratic reformist movement.

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