Does Texas Tech Play Baseball Today?

No, Texas Tech does not play baseball today.

Checkout this video:


Texas Tech University does not have a men’s baseball team.

Texas Tech’s History with Baseball

Texas Tech University has a long and storied history with baseball. The school has produced many great players over the years, including Hall of Famer Mike Cameron. The school has also been home to some of the best coaches in the game, including current head coach Tim Tadlock.

Texas Tech has always been a competitive program, but they have struggled in recent years to make the NCAA tournament. They did make an appearance in 2018, but were eliminated in the first round. The team is hopeful that they can turn things around this season and make a deep run in the tournament.

The Current Team

The current roster features thirty-two student-athletes from all around the country. The roster is made up of seventeen pitchers, three catchers, seven infielders, and five outfielders. The team is led by Head Coach Tim Tadlock who is in his seventh season with the Red Raiders.

The Schedule

Texas Tech does not have a baseball team.


In conclusion, yes, Texas Tech does play baseball today.

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