How Much Is The Philadelphia Daily News?

Prices. As of 4/1/2019, The Philadelphia Daily News is available for $2.95 Monday through Saturday.

Similarly, How much is the daily Philadelphia Inquirer?

The Inquirer and the Daily News, including Daily News Weekend, will now cost $2.95 at newsstands from Monday through Saturday. The Sunday Inquirer’s newsstand price will rise to $4.95. Subscriptions for home delivery are unaffected by the hikes.

Also, it is asked, Is the Philadelphia Daily News still published?

Philadelphia Daily News is now available for reading anytime, anyplace. You may access the same edition of the Philadelphia Daily News that is printed and sold at newsstands from home or the office.

Secondly, Is the Philadelphia Inquirer free online?

You may use without making a purchase, but if you don’t have a membership, your access to our site will be restricted.

Also, Is the Philadelphia Inquirer being delivered today?

On Monday through Friday, we promise to bring your paper by 6:30 a.m., and on Saturday and Sunday, by 8 a.m. If you didn’t get your paper, let us know by 10 a.m. every day or by 11:30 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, and we’ll send another one out. Everyday $3.96, Sunday $2.12, and Everyday/Sunday $6.08

People also ask, Who owns Philadelphia daily News?

Lenfest, Gerald

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What is the largest newspaper in Philadelphia? Local news, sports, jobs, autos, and real estate for Philadelphia.

Where can I get the Philadelphia Inquirer?

The Philadelphia Inquirer Digital Edition is now available for reading anytime, anyplace. You may access the Philadelphia Inquirer Digital Edition at home or at the office and it is the exact same edition as the printed newspaper that is sold at newsstands.

How many people subscribe to the Philadelphia Inquirer?

The Inquirer’s About More than 10 million people are reached each month by its several brand platforms, which include include newspapers,, e-Editions, apps, newsletters, and live events. In a free society, there should always be someone asking, “Why?” on behalf of the populace.

What time is the Philadelphia Inquirer delivered?

On Monday through Friday, we promise to bring your paper by 6:30 a.m., and on Saturday and Sunday, by 8 a.m. If you did not get your paper, please call us by 8:30 a.m. everyday or by 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, and we will provide a replacement.

Is the Philadelphia Inquirer a tabloid?

(The news organization was once known as the Philadelphia Media Network; but, in June, the 190-year-old Inquirer acquired the brands of the Philadelphia Daily News and Although it still maintains a print version, the 94-year-old tabloid Daily News is now “an edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer.”

How do I contact the Philadelphia Inquirer?

You may contact an editor at the Inquirer by calling (215) 854-4500 or sending an email to Sandy Clark, Assistant Managing Editor for Features, at [email protected] — Contact Debi Licklider, Features, at the Daily News by calling (215) 854-4500 or sending an email to [email protected]

How do I stop newspaper delivery while on vacation?

Make a call to your newspaper’s publisher a week before you go so that they have time to inform your carrier. Your phone directory, bill, or newspaper will all have the phone number.

How do I submit to Inquirer?

Write articles and send them to [email protected] There are rules for an online column, just as there are for love. A minimum of 2,000 characters must be used in the essay. Essays should be sent as an attachment to an email in Word format.

Is the Philadelphia Inquirer a non profit?

The Inquirer, a public-benefit company, is now the biggest newspaper in the United States. The Inquirer operates as a live lab for news innovation under the non-profit ownership of the Institute, which is completely committed to the purpose of maintaining local journalism.

What company makes Philadelphia cream cheese?

Heinz Kraft

Who owns the Lenfest Institute?

The cornerstone of The Institute’s passionate involvement in local journalism and the need to move decisively in all we accomplish is its ownership of The Philadelphia Inquirer, which serves one of the biggest and most varied metro areas in the nation.

Why is Philadelphia called Philly?

Greek words for love (phileo) and brother are combined to form the name Philadelphia (adelphos). William Penn, the city’s founder, gave it that name because he wanted it to be a place of religious tolerance and freedom for everyone.

Is Philadelphia a rough city?

When it comes to crime, particularly violent crimes, Philadelphia typically outperforms the national average. It has the greatest poverty rate among the 10 American cities with a population of more than one million people and the highest rate of violent crime.

What’s happening in Philly news?

most recent local news According to authorities, a convenience store clerk was shot on West Oak Lane and taken to the hospital. Police: A 17-year-old was slain outside a business in Southwest Philadelphia after being shot “execution-style.” Police say an off-duty cop was kidnapped at gunpoint and his vehicle was later discovered burned in West Philadelphia.

Do you own the sidewalk in front of your house Philadelphia?

Consider the walkway in front of your home. The ground in front of the homeowner’s house is public property up to the curb, although there is a public access easement to the sidewalk. The easement does not let you to erect a stand on the sidewalk; all they can do is stroll there.

How much is an Inquirer digital subscription?

Sunday print delivery and unlimited digital access Then $5.49/week for a 4 week billing cycle. No obligation; cancel at any time.

How much is a digital Philadelphia Inquirer?

The Inquirer wants to charge even print customers an extra cost for online access, which fluctuates based on how many days of the print edition are paid for each week, even though the digital membership is just $2.99 per week on its own.

Is the Inquirer app free?

A 14-issue demo of the app is included in the free download. All the titles in the app are accessible with Inquirer Plus ($9.99/mo).

How do I stop paper delivery?

How to Stop a Newspaper from Arriving If you have a website account with the newspaper, log in. Ask to have your account closed by giving the newspaper’s customer service department a call or email. If you are going on vacation, inform the newspaper’s customer support team that you wish to temporarily halt delivery.

How much does it cost to subscribe to the Washington Post?

Examine your subscription strategy | Free for four weeks, then $4 per week for a year, and then $10 each week after that. Anytime, cancel. You will log in to our website and applications using this email.

Can I get the Washington Post delivered to my house?

Post Office Boxes and detention facilities are not eligible for standard home delivery (prisons, jails, correctional institutions.) However, there are several circumstances in which mail delivery to your address may be possible.

Who is the CEO of the Philadelphia Inquirer?

The Philadelphia Inquirer, LLC’s CEO is Elizabeth Hughes.

When was the Philadelphia Inquirer created?

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s first publication date


The “philadelphia daily news print edition” is a newspaper that has been around since 1829. It’s published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and it is the largest circulating newspaper in the United States. The paper covers local news and sports, as well as national and international news.

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