Who Left Wesh 2 News?

Christina Watkins of WDSU Christina Watkins is a writer. Christina Watkins is an award-winning journalist who is ecstatic to be back in her hometown and closer to her family! She was born and raised in Oviedo, and in March 2022, she returned to Central Florida as the Weekend Anchor for WESH 2 News Sunrise. She formerly worked for WDSU News in New Orleans, WESH’s sister station. news-team https://www.wdsu.com Christina Watkins of WDSU said goodbye to Southeast Louisiana on Friday after more than four years of reporting. She’ll be returning home to Orlando to work for WESH 2 News, WDSU’s sister station. As her coworkers reminisce on her time here and the influence she had on the community, you may watch.

Similarly, What happened to Meredith McDonough WESH 2?

Meredith McDonough will co-anchor WESH 2 News Sunrise with Jason Guy in the mornings starting in late summer, according to WESH 2. Since 2011, McDonough has provided news to Central Florida, most notably hosting WESH 2 News at 4 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m.

Also, it is asked, Who is leaving WESH 2?

Adrian Whitsett is a news anchor.

Secondly, Did Summer Knowles leave WESH 2?

Summer Knowles was in the house. Before I go on maternity leave, this will be my last WESH 2 News report! You’ll be much missed!

Also, Where is Meredith on WESH?

Meredith is a Steelers and Penguins fan who is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, she currently resides in central Florida. With her spouse, she likes golfing and attending Orlando Magic games.

People also ask, Where is Jaclyn DeAugustino now?

In April of this year, Jaclyn DeAugustino joined the WESH 2 Sunrise team as the Morning Traffic Anchor.

Related Questions and Answers

Where is Sanika Dange?

Sanika Dange is now a weekday co-anchor for WESH 2 News Sunrise, according to the station. For morning broadcasts Monday through Friday, she joins Jason Guy, Michelle Imperato, Sheldon Dutes, and meteorologist Kellianne Klass.

Where did Christina Watkins go?

After more than four years of covering Southeast Louisiana news for WDSU, Christina Watkins said her goodbyes on Friday. She’ll be returning home to Orlando to work for WESH 2 News, WDSU’s sister station. As her coworkers reminisce on her time here and the influence she had on the community, you may watch.

Why did Amy Sweezey leave WESH 2?

In a news statement, Middleton stated, “Amy’s choice to leave behind a rock-solid career in television is our good fortune, and her timing could not be more appropriate.” “Growing Bolder is rapidly developing, with a variety of initiatives in various stages of development.

Where is Adrian Whitsett?

Adrian Whitsett, a Hawaii native who grew up in Nebraska, will join WCPO-“Good TV’s Morning Tri-State” co-anchoring team in November. Adrian Whitsett, an Iraq war veteran, has been recruited by WCPO-TV to co-anchor Good Morning Tri-State with Julie O’Neill.

Why did Meredith McDonough move to mornings?

Meredith McDonough, the afternoon and evening anchor who has been on maternity leave, will join Jason Guy as co-anchor of the morning program when she returns in late summer, according to the station.

Is Summer Knowles returning to WESH 2 News?

Summer Knowles will join Stewart Moore and Jim Payne as co-anchors of WESH 2 News at 4 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m.

Where is Tony Mainolfi now?

Tony and his wife, Jane Ann, reside in Orange County with their daughter, Maria, and son, Anthony.

How many children does Eric Burris have?

WESH 2 First Alert Meteorologist Eric Burris and his wife Jeannie have welcomed Alexander Miguel Burris into the world. WESH 2 First Alert Meteorologist Eric Burris and his wife Jeannie have welcomed Alexander Miguel Burris into the world.

Where is Sula Kim?

Sula Kim is a New Orleans-based award-winning TV anchor/reporter. On weekdays, she anchors the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts. The Louisiana Association of Broadcasters recently awarded Sula and her crew the ‘Best broadcast’ award for their coverage of the Seacor Power lift boat catastrophe.

Where does Amy Sweezey live?

Florida’s Central

What does a freelance meteorologist do?

Assist with weather programming coordination across many platforms. Maintain a thorough understanding of the state and area. As needed, respond to breaking weather news.

Did Summer Knowles have a baby?

Summer Knowles and her husband Lavar are to be congratulated! The newest addition to the family has arrived!

Who is the weatherman on Channel 2 in Orlando?

Eric Burris, a First Warning Meteorologist, is ecstatic to be predicting weather for his friends, family, and hometown of Winter Park! While still a student at Lake Howell High School, Eric began his meteorological career with another Orlando television station.

What is Al Roker salary?

According to the publication, Roker’s NBC compensation is $10 million per year. His most recent contract is a five-year, $50 million agreement with The Today Show and The Weather Channel, which includes his obligations on both shows.

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Where did Sherman Desselle go?

Sherman returned home to Alexandria, Louisiana after graduating with a performing arts degree from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and worked at a local grocery store deli while he planned out his next move.

How tall is Damon Singleton?

Damon Singleton of Wyandotte, Michigan, is a 6-2, 210-pound Outside Linebacker.

Who is Sula Kim married to?

Stanley Ho is a writer who lives in Hong Kong

Who left WESH weather?

Sweezey, Amy


Michelle Imperato left Wesh 2 News in May of 2018. Michelle was the morning anchor and a reporter for the station. She is now working as an anchor for CBS 3 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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