Who Won the Texas Tech Basketball Game?

The Texas Tech basketball team won their game against the University of Texas last night. Read all about the game, including highlights and stats, here.

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The game

It was a close game, but the Texas Tech Red Raiders pulled ahead in the end to win by a score of 71-69. The Red Raiders were led by their star guard, Jarrett Culver, who scored 22 points. guard, Matt Mooney, also had a great game, scoring 18 points. The team’s leading scorer, Davide Moretti, was held to just 10 points.

When it was played

The game was played on December 10th

The teams playing

Texas Tech is set to play their next game against the Baylor Bears. This will be a home game for the Red Raiders, giving them a much needed advantage. The Bears are coming into the game with a record of 13-5, while the Red Raiders are 12-6.

The score

Who won

The Final Four matchup is set, and it will be the first-ever meeting between these two schools. The Texas Tech Red Raiders will take on the Virginia Cavaliers for the National Championship on Monday night.

What the final score was

The final score of the game was 67 to 59, with Texas Tech winning.

The highlights

The Texas Tech basketball game was a very close and intense game. The final score was 66-63, with Texas Tech winning by a narrow margin. This was a very exciting game to watch, with both teams playing very well. The highlights of the game were the last few minutes, when both teams were fighting for the lead.

What happened during the game

Texas Tech came out blazing in the first half, leading by as many as 18 points. The Red Raiders’ defense stifled the Jayhawks all half, and Kansas went into the locker room at halftime trailing 30-22.

In the second half, Kansas crawled its way back into the game and took the lead with just under eight minutes remaining. The Jayhawks held on to win, 55-50.

The best players


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