Who Won the Virginia Tech Football Game?

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Virginia Tech’s football team has had a great season so far, with a record of 7-2. They have been playing extremely well and their fans are very excited for the rest of the season. The team’s next game is against the University of Virginia, which is also 7-2. This is sure to be a great game and both teams will be fighting for a win.

The Game

The First Half

The first half of the game was close, with both teams trading touchdowns. Virginia Tech took the lead in the second quarter, but Miami responded with a touchdown of their own to tie the game at 14. The half ended with Miami driving deep into Virginia Tech territory, but they were unable to score before the clock ran out.

The Second Half

At the beginning of the second half, Virginia Tech scored a touchdown, putting them ahead 14-10. After that, the two teams traded possessions until NC State got the ball back with just over six minutes left in the game. The Wolfpack then drove down the field and scored a touchdown to take the lead, 17-14.

Virginia Tech got the ball back with just over two minutes left in the game. The Hokies drove down the field but were unable to score a touchdown, turning the ball over on downs. NC State then ran out the clock to win the game 17-14.

The Aftermath

The Virginia Tech football team won their game against the University of Maryland on Saturday, September 7. The final score was 31-17. This was a big win for the team and their fans. Let’s take a look at the aftermath of the game.

The Fans

The fans of the Virginia Tech football team are some of the most dedicated and passionate in the country. They are known for their “Hokie Nation” chant and their unwavering support for their team, no matter what the circumstance. After the team’s disappointing loss to Clemson in the ACC Championship game, the fans were there to pick them up and help them get ready for their bowl game.

The Players

After the game, the coaches and players from both teams met at midfield for a post-game handshake. The Virginia Tech players were all smiles after their big win, while the Florida State players looked dejected. The loss was especially hard for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston, who had looked so impressive in the first half. After the game, he met with reporters and admitted that he had made some costly mistakes.


The game was won by the Virginia Tech football team.

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