Who Won the Virginia Tech Game Last Night?

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The Virginia Tech Hokies football team won their game last night against the Miami Hurricanes. The final score was 31-14.

what happened in the game

The game was a close one, with Virginia Tech leading for most of the game. However, in the end, it was Clemson who came out on top, winning by a score of 27-24.

how the game affected the rankings

In college football, there is always talk about the rankings. How a team fares in its games can have a direct effect on where it is ranked. So, who won the Virginia Tech game last night?

The game was a close one, with Virginia Tech coming out on top with a final score of 24-21. This victory helped the team move up in the rankings, from 25th to 22nd.

who is to blame

Now that the game is over, it’s time to figure out who is to blame for Virginia Tech’s loss. While there are many factors that contributed to the loss, there are three main people who are responsible: the coach, the quarterback, and the wide receiver.

what’s next for both teams

After last night’s game, both the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Florida State Seminoles are looking to improve their record. For the Hokies, they will be playing Duke next week at home. The Seminoles will be playing Clemson on the road.

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